Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Treasure found in Acadia National Park in Bar Harbor Maine

Years ago when my two oldest sons were very young, their Father and I took them on a road trip to Bar Harbor, Maine to Acadia National Park, on the summit of Cadillac Mountain, overlooking the sea at Thunder Hole, and on the shores of Jordan Pond. There is something already very magical about this beautiful place.   The summit of Cadillac Mountain  is the first place the sun touches the United States when it rises every day.  If you have never been,  you must put it on your "places I must travel to and experience" list. After an exhausting day of travel and sightseeing, the babies weren't the only ones cranky and exhausted.  We stepped into a little gift shop and instantly felt relaxed and calm listening to beautiful music playing throughout the store. We lingered in the store to hear one song after the next. Each one captivated us.  I looked down to see both boys falling fast asleep in their strollers.  I commented about the music and the sales clerk advised me that copies of the tapes were on sale right there in the shop. (It was the late 80's so tapes were popular then.)  That was when I found the treasure of the amazing artist Ray Lynch.  The album was called Deep Breakfast.  We listened to that tape everytime we traveled in the car even after the third son was born and it is still one of my very favorites - it is a must have in your library.   It doesn't amaze me that I stumbled upon this brilliant artist's music in one of the most magical spots in the United States.

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  1. Somehow Ray Lynch's music and Maine go together!