Friday, April 29, 2011

Help Save the Honey Bees...Please sign the petition

    "Honeybees are dying off at an alarming rate. And, if Americans don’t act now to deal with what is being called “Colony Collapse Disorder,” we risk devastating our domestic food supply.

    Yes, it’s that serious. According to American beekeepers, around one-third of the existing population of honeybees has died off every year since 2006 -- and scientists believe this year could be even worse.
As more than 30% of our domestic food production depends on honey bee pollination, this crisis can’t be ignored.
    What is causing Colony Collapse Disorder? There are a number of reasons, but mounting evidence points to pesticides -- and three “neonicotinoid” pesticides in particular: clothianidin, imidacloprid, and thiomethoxam.
That’s why a coalition of nonprofits, beekeepers, and concerned citizens are asking the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to ban these three pesticides. More than 1.2 million people have already signed onto the coalition’s campaign. Will you?
    We don’t have much time. Please click here now to tell the EPA to ban these pesticides and save American honeybees. On May 5, more than 1.2 million signatures -- including yours -- will be hand-delivered to the EPA."

    I received this message in an email from today and feel an urgent need to share this information.  We need the FDA to take a good look at the chemicals that are killing off the honey bees as well as other pollinators.  Who knows what damage these pesticides can have on human health.  We all need to be concerned and take action now. Thanks!

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Please sign the Farm Bill for Healthy Food

Congress writes a new Farm Bill every 5 years. Help the Environmental Working Group, EWG, to help us have healthier food. We can all help to make a difference. Click on the following link:

Please sign the Save the Bees Petition

"Quietly, billions of bees are being killed off across the country threatening our crops and food. But a ban of one group of pesticides could save bees from extinction.

Four European countries have begun banning the poisons and bee populations are recovering. But chemical companies are lobbying hard to keep all killer pesticides on the market. A global outcry now for a ban in the US and EU, where debate is raging, could provoke a total ban and a ripple effect around the world.
giant global buzz calling for these dangerous chemicals to be outlawed until and unless they are proved to be safe." Click on the following link.......

Monday, April 11, 2011

Where is your sense of humor?

People who can laugh at a good joke ( or even themselves), comedians, and people who have the good sense to utilize the benefits that humor has to offer, all have something in common. They all possess a “sense of humor.” According to, a sense of humor is “the trait of appreciating (and being able to express) the humorous.” It is also a coping mechanism to deal with life’s absurdities, a physical and mental health aid, and a tool to strengthen your relationships (if used properly).

There are certainly many things going on in our lives that we have to worry about and take seriously. As adults, we worry about job security, taxes, housing and feeding our families, crime, terrorists, the environment, illnesses, war, loss of loved ones, and the list goes on. Still, we wake up every morning to start a brand new day. Possessing a sense of humor means that you can allow yourself to add laughter to your life, it can help you to cope with whatever challenges and obstacles come your way. When you are feeling overwhelmed, there is nothing like a good laugh to get you through those moments. You will feel much better if you surround yourself with people who can learn how to look at the positives, and help you laugh at life’s absurdities. It enhances your mood, enables you to focus, eases fear and tension, and allows you to live more fully.
Photo by RJW

Having a sense of humor also enables you to laugh. When you laugh, stress hormones are reduced, and your entire body relaxes, easing tension. Immune cells and infection-fighting antibodies are increased which improves your resistance to disease. A good laugh triggers the release of endorphins, the natural “feel good” chemical in the brain. This chemical is our body’s natural way to reduce pain. Laughter is also good for your heart. It increases the blood flow and improves the function of the blood vessels. Laughter truly is the best medicine.

A sense of humor is a tool that can help strengthen your relationships and help you make new ones. No one likes to be in the presence of someone who takes everything in life too seriously. People are attracted to individuals that greet you with a smile, that know how to laugh, and who enjoy looking at the brighter side of life. It can improve your relationships with your partner; family, friends, employers, co-workers, and can help you in social environments. On the other hand, a sense of humor is an asset that also needs to be controlled. No one enjoys being around an obnoxious person that makes a joke out of everything and everyone, a person who laughs inappropriately, or can never take life seriously.

There is a great quote by a man named Hugh Sidey. It reads, “A sense of humor... is needed armor. Joy in one's heart and some laughter on one's lips is a sign that the person down deep has a pretty good grasp of life.” If you think you have lost your sense of humor, it can be found again by watching shows that make you laugh like “America’s Funniest Videos”, or rent a comedy film, find someone who makes you laugh, and spend more time with them. Learn how to loosen up and laugh again. Your mental and physical health will benefit as well as your personal relationships.