Thursday, January 13, 2011

The Pleasure of Music...

Imagine this.....a world without music?  I can't, can you? It is such a vital part of our lives.   We all enjoy it and everyone has their own genres they enjoy.  There is more to music than people realize.  Research shows that music  can help you concentrate, or put you in a meditative state, prevent the affects of cronic stress, lower blood pressure, calm muscle tension, keep you alert, help with depression and the list goes on and on. Music therapy promotes health.  As a matter of fact Music Therapy is a growing field of health care.  Please take a moment and click on the following link  and read the article to find out more.

I used to teach herbal wellness classes.  Guests would relax to stress reduction music while enjoying an herbal footbath & aromathery . Although the footbath and aromatherapy was enjoyable, it was the music that helped make it  even more affective.  You probably already have a library of the music you enjoy.  Shop around, go outside the box and treat yourself to something for total health & relaxation!

As you can probably tell by now, the artist that works for me for "mind, body & soul wellness is anything and everything by Ray Lynch.  Find what works for you & be well!

Please take a moment to view my YouTube video  set to The Oh of Pleasure by Ray Lynch & Tom Canning, from the album Deep Breakfast. cp Ray Lynch Productions.  If you are a fan of video games, this song is featured in Grand Theft Auto IV! 

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