Saturday, February 5, 2011

Humor Therapy/Laughter Yoga ~ Laughter, the best natural medicine!

There is truth in the saying "laughter is the best medicine". They say that children laugh about 400 times a day, adults only about 15 times a day.  Of course as an adult we have  many trials and tribulations and situations that aren't so funny (and nothing to laugh about) but that is even more reason to bring laughter into your life.

Benefits of laughter:

*Stimulates physical healing;
*Relaxes  your whole body;
*Boost immunity;
*Lowers stress hormone;
*Decreases pain;
*Helps with circulation, good for the heart;
*Eases anxiety and fear;
*Relieves stress and alters your mood;
*Strengthens relationships; and more
.......Laughter is strong natural medicine for your body & mind....

Truthfully speaking I personally couldn't have gotten this far in life without a good sense of humor.  Of course I have taught my three sons that life is to be taken seriously but to also have a good sense of humor. (Lucky for them they inherited this from both of his parents!)
                                               Dave & Matt in Greenport, pic by RJW
Matt being silly
Matt and friend (pic by RJW)
Matt & Dave just being themselves (pic by RJW)
There is actually "Humor Therapy" and "Laughter Yoga".

Try adding a little more laughter to your life.  Laugh at yourself, surround yourself with people that make you laugh, shut off the news and put on a comedy show! I myself am liking the looks of that Laughter cracks me up justing thinking about it.
Don't you just love those "out of control" laughing fits that you can get hit with at no given notice.  Usually this happens at the most inappropriate moment. 

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