Friday, April 29, 2011

Help Save the Honey Bees...Please sign the petition

    "Honeybees are dying off at an alarming rate. And, if Americans don’t act now to deal with what is being called “Colony Collapse Disorder,” we risk devastating our domestic food supply.

    Yes, it’s that serious. According to American beekeepers, around one-third of the existing population of honeybees has died off every year since 2006 -- and scientists believe this year could be even worse.
As more than 30% of our domestic food production depends on honey bee pollination, this crisis can’t be ignored.
    What is causing Colony Collapse Disorder? There are a number of reasons, but mounting evidence points to pesticides -- and three “neonicotinoid” pesticides in particular: clothianidin, imidacloprid, and thiomethoxam.
That’s why a coalition of nonprofits, beekeepers, and concerned citizens are asking the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to ban these three pesticides. More than 1.2 million people have already signed onto the coalition’s campaign. Will you?
    We don’t have much time. Please click here now to tell the EPA to ban these pesticides and save American honeybees. On May 5, more than 1.2 million signatures -- including yours -- will be hand-delivered to the EPA."

    I received this message in an email from today and feel an urgent need to share this information.  We need the FDA to take a good look at the chemicals that are killing off the honey bees as well as other pollinators.  Who knows what damage these pesticides can have on human health.  We all need to be concerned and take action now. Thanks!

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