Tuesday, February 8, 2011

More Chocolate! The Green & Black's Organic

Let's face it, there is so many wonderful chocolate brands to choose from.  Today I am sharing my love of Green & Black's Organic chocolate.
Farmers in Belize and The Dominican Republic grow their organic cocoa.
Their trademark is their intense flavor.
They use only the finest organically grown cocoa.
 They use natural, sustainable farming methods with no pesticides. (Cocoa is one of the most highly sprayed crops in the world.)

Darn, that job has been filled but I will check back for future openings & get my passport ready.

Let's face it there is nothing like a good milk chocolate candy bar but if you are looking to eat chocolate for health reasons stick to dark chocolate.  My sons and I have acquired a taste for bitter chocolate with a high cocoa (or cacao) percent. For us, the higher percent the better. To find out more about percents check out this link:

Next time you are in the market for chocolate pick yourself up a bar of Green & Black's and give it a try.  One of my favorites is to melt a chunk in my hot coffee in place of cream & sugar!

Readily available in local CVS, Target etc. stores or even on Amazon.com if you would like it delivered right to your door!

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