Sunday, June 6, 2010

Plant Canna Lillies to attract hummingbirds

There is nothing more thrilling than to sit and observe hummingbirds. They are so fasinating. Year after year I would hang hummingbird feeders and sit and wait and nothing. One year a friend gave me a bag of canna lilly rhizomes. Living on the east coast you have to plant the rhizomes after the threat of any frost. Before I knew it these tall gorgeous green leafy tropical looking plants grew with bright red flowers and......along came the hummingbirds!! I would get my coffee and arm myself with my digital camera and just wait. It became quite a challenge trying to capture images of them. At the end of the season when the hummingbirds leave and before the threat of frost you have to dig out all the rhizomes and store them for the winter but let me tell you it is well worth all the effort~

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